Eating Fish in Saudi Arabia

In the States most Americans have grown accustomed to naturally eating filet of fish whether the fish was acquired at a grocery store, restaurant or even a fish market.  However here in the Kingdom, in most cases, when having fish, be prepared.  It will likely be served with the bones.  As a result, one should take care when eating fish.  The fish here is very tasty and will be served in a variety of different ways:  grilled, fried, baked, steamed but more often than not, with the bones intact.  It is also typical when serving a platter of fish to have pieces which include the fish heads (in some cases still bearing teeth) displayed on the platter as well.  In my experience the most popular type of fish bought and served in the Kingdom is called homour.  It is a tasty and flaky white meat fish.  And for those wishing to learn a little bit of Arabic in the mix, fish in Arabic is “sumac.”


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