Saudi Arabia: Are There Any Saudi Vegetarians?

vegetarian diet


Saudi Arabia has expatriates from all over the world working in the Kingdom.  As a result, there are a plethora of ethnic restaurants to include plenty of Indian restaurants which specialize in vegetarian foods only.

It is not surprising for there to be vegetarians among the expats and not limited to expats from India.  There are many vegetarians among the Western expats who make the Kingdom their home.

However, the typical Saudi is brought up on a diet which includes meat, lots of meat.  Most Saudi families have some type of meat or meat dish served with breakfast, lunch and dinner.  In fact, lamb is viewed as a staple in the average Saudi’s diet.

Many Saudis may enjoy vegetarian food but I know in all of my interactions with Saudis throughout the Kingdom, I never met a Saudi who proclaimed himself or herself as a vegetarian.  As a result, it has made me wonder…. Are there any Saudis who consider themselves a vegetarian?  If so, I’d like to know about.

I’d like to know what made a Saudi choose to become a vegetarian and how easy (or difficult) is it for a Saudi to maintain a vegetarian diet among family and friends.


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