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Will Barak Obama Meet His Objectives in Saudi Arabia

Obama Saudi Arabia

The third of June will be a historical day for both Saudi Arabia and the United States of America when U.S. President Barak Obama will meet in Riyadh with King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia.  Why is it historic?  For starters, it is the first time for President Obama to travel to Saudi Arabia and he goes with the intent of strengthening relations between the United States and the Middle East region, beginning with Saudi Arabia.  President Obama plans to discuss a multitude of serious and sensitive issues with King Abdullah to include Middle East peace, Iran and terrorism.  Among these goals is to revive the Middle East peace process.

It will be quite interesting to learn what agreements and plans will take place during such discussions.  For example, in regards to the Middle East peace, President Obama is to my knowledge, one of the few President’s who is taking an active stance on an agenda that is contradictory to what Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu seeks, with President Obama’s desire on a two-state solution for Israel and the Palestinians and a demand for a freeze on all settlement building in disputed territory.

President Obama also seeks to strengthen the alliance between America and moderate Arab states against Iran and radical Islamic groups. These discussions and goals are very timely with Iran testing a new medium range missile on 22 May and coupled with Iran’s elections coming up on 12 June and the chance that a new regime in the face of Mir Hossein Mousavi will come to power.  These events hold great significance for both the United States and Saudi Arabia.  However, do the two allies share the same goals and objectives?

On the topic of terrorism no doubt the two leaders will discuss the remaining prisoners being held at Gitmo as well as many other issues pertaining to global terrorism and threats.

So my question is will President Obama meet his objectives and goals vis-à-vis in his meetings with King Abdullah?  Are his goals and objectives in align with those of Saudi Arabia?  It’s well known that a very good relationship existed between the Bush family (Senior and Junior) with the Saudi Royal family.  How will this impact, if any, on President Obama and building his own relationship with Saudi Arabia?


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