Can a person practice multiple religions at the same time?


While many may find that an aspect of one religion fits their views as well as an aspect of another religion also fits, can one really mix religions? As this article illustrates, one female minister chose to practice both Islam and Christianity….until she was “defrocked.” Yes, her Christian church, the Episcopal Church, rejected her religious choice and practices and told her she would have to make a choice between the two faiths she was openly practicing. The Imam however in the location where this female muslim minister goes and prays endorses her choice to continue to practice both religions, citing that she brings out the best in both.

It is an interesting concept indeed if one were to be allowed or even encouraged to take aspects of different faiths, apply them, mix them and practice them. I could see some very interesting hybrid faiths emerging for sure. But while one can speculate, I don’t think it is feasible to mix and match faiths and am surprised to see that a formerly ordained minister had chosen to attempt to do so. To me, this just sends messages of confusion to her followers. I find it surprising as well that an Imam would also be supportive of her practice to follow two differing faiths at the same time.

The article makes an interesting read and worth having a discussion on this topic.

No Bagels in Saudi Arabia


Although Saudi Arabia has a plethoria of donut shops and bakeries and bread shops, I’ve yet to find a shop that sells fresh homemade bagels. I find it odd given how much Saudis enjoy bread with every meal that the concept of the bagel has not caught on. In the United States there are also donut shops, bakeries and bread shops as well as so many shops which specialize in fresh bagels. The various grocery stores will also usually have a wide selection of bagels in the States ranging from fresh to frozen to so many different varieties. In Saudi Arabia if one is lucky one may find some frozen Lenders Bagels in a Tamimi (Safeway) grocery store.

Saudis enjoy freshly baked bread with cream cheese or other cheeses and sometimes with jam and honey too. Just imagine cream cheese with perhaps a little bit of honey atop a fresh toasted bagel. That would be a filling and healthy breakfast to me! But alas, it is simply not easy to find the fresh bagels here in Saudi. If someone knows where to go, please share!

March – Saudi Fun Quiz


The March Fun Quiz has been added to our quiz page or you can access it directly from here.

And just a little hint…you might want to go back and review March postings for the answers!


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