Enjoying Soft Drinks in Saudi Arabia




Some things one simply takes for granted such as coke, pepsi, sprite and 7Up are internationally known and available. And the good news is, they are. One will have no problem finding a wide variety of soft drinks in Saudi Arabia even to include Western favorites such as IBC root beer or other IBC flavors. However one distinction one will discover when drinking a soft drink in Saudi Arabia as compared to America or Europe, is that the majority of soft drinks here are opened with the “old fashioned” pull off tabs instead of the newerpull-tab-modern style push back openers. As a result it is pretty typical to see the ground around soft drink machines or vendors littered with “pull off” tabs on the floor or dirt. I was surprised to discover these older style tabs were prevelant here as even when I lived in other places such as India and Pakistan, the canned soft drinks would usually have the “newer modern style tabs.”


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