Saudi Arabia: Expatriates – Be Familiar with your local Embassy or Consulate

The local Embassy or Consulate can be a great service and resource to expatriates in Saudi Arabia.  As an American citizen, I will address the services available for US citizens in Saudi Arabia.

To begin with, the American Embassy in Riyadh has an excellent web site informing of services and answering common questions.   I encourage all American citizens who reside in the Kingdom to register their presence.  This can be done prior to arrival in Saudi Arabia or after arriving.  By registering, an American citizen is informed of any warnings or threats to Americans in the Kingdom as well as keeping them apprised of events or issues of interest to American citizens.

The US Embassy (and its consulates) will also have a US Citizen Services Officer.  This representative is available 24/7 to any American facing an emergency or crisis in Saudi Arabia.  Such emergency events include a death, accident, arrest, lost or stolen passport or any situation where an American has felt threatened.

Some American citizens may not be aware that as a US Citizen you may go to the Embassy or Consulate at any time without an appointment and ask to see the US Citizen Services Officer.  However, it is highly recommended that appointments be made in advance for any routine services such as passport applications, notary or attestation services or for a Consular report of a birth abroad.

A citizen’s local Embassy or Consulate is a great resource of information and activities in both the country of present residence and of the country  from which a citizen is from.


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