How Saudi Arabia Treat AIDS Patients



As this diagram llustrates not too much yet is publicly known about Saudi Arabia and HIV/AIDS.   This is a topic which continues to be opened up slowly.  Not only does a large stigma exist on simply the subject of HIV/AIDS but in many cases, Saudis who have been diagnosed with AIDS are literally banished.  There are several well guarded secure facilities in Saudi Arabia where AIDS patients are taken and admitted.  These patients are admitted as a number and not by a name to further protect the identify of the patient and the family.  If one is tested positive for HIV/AIDS at a hospital, he or she will probably not even be permitted to leave the hospital and return to the privacy of their own home.  The patient will be placed in some form of isolation.



Population, 2007


People living with HIV/AIDS, 2005

No Data

Women (aged 15+) with HIV/AIDS, 2005

No Data

Children with HIV/AIDS, 2005

No Data

Adult HIV prevalence (%), 2005

No Data

New HIV infections, 2005

No Data

AIDS deaths, 2005

No Data

*Source: Population Reference Bureau & UNAIDS

Now according to this August 2006 article from the International Herald Tribune it indicates that a greater awareness and understanding of HIV/AIDS is taking place in the Kingdom.  It is true that more conferences and seminars about the disease are taking place now.  But in my view the stigma still remains with those who have been identified and diagnosed as HIV/AIDS positive whether infected due to homosexuality, STD or blood transfusion.



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