The Trouble with the Alphabet

I received the following message which is pretty self-explanatory and for a good cause.  Therefore I have chosen to share it as well as encourage others to pass it on:

Hi Carol,

I’m writing to you today to bring a new charitable project to your attention. The Human Rights Project is launching a new mission: to exceed the act of inspiring and successfully move people from apathy to activism.

To spearhead this movement, the Human Rights Project has developed a beautifully illustrated full-color book called The Trouble with the Alphabet. Written and illustrated by artist Caryn West, the book features the world from A to Z, with each letter corresponding to a country in peril. In turn, each country is connected to a charitable organization that is working towards alleviating the suffering of children in the region. A portion of the proceeds from the book will go to support the featured organizations, and all purchases from come with the option of choosing which charity receives the proceeds. The Trouble with the Alphabet is more than a catalogue of charities and global ills; it puts a face on the horrors that some of us can only imagine.

We ask you to please share this information with your readers. You can direct them to to learn more about the book and how they can support charitable efforts.

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia – Beware of Possible Auto Scam


The following was shared with me and in turn I am passing it along to others in the Kingdom and specifically Riyadh as FYI:

Encounter of a ‘Third Kind’


After leaving the garage at dusk last Sunday and threading my car through unconsidered traffic into the left lane of Al Ahsa Street, I successfully challenged the u-turn in front of the Pepsi-Plant to make my way home.

The idea was that after circling the Pepsi-plant, I was once again to test my driving skills by diagonally crossing traffic to reach another u-turn located under the Al Khurais highway.

A black sedan hitting my rear bumper, not really hard but enough to get my attention, did however change the flow of my travel plans. After a short inspection and a glance at the youthful driver, guessing the other two occupants were of similar age, I waved ‘malesh’ and got back on my way.

Just when I thought I could make a run for the second u-turn, I was hit again by the same car and into the same spot, my vehicles rear end.

Stupidity was one explanation for the second encounter but the real reasons behind this incident were far more sinister, a frightful scheme of which I soon became aware of.

When one of the passengers got out of their car, pretending to inspect the bumper on my car and the second occupant waving me over for a talk, the penny dropped. They were after my car.

I immediately locked my doors, pretended that nothing had happened and completely ignored any communication attempts made by the trio. As other cars arrived the ‘damage inspector’ rushed back to join his comrades, their car took off like a rocket with mentionable skills displayed by the driver.

My Advice:

Stay in your car, lock the doors and phone the police.


By: Pieter Giessen


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