YOUR Turn to Speak Out on Saudi Arabia

I’m going to try something a little bit different today. Rather than me posting on a specific aspect or experience of the Kingdom, I’m turning this post over to YOU and your comments. I am asking you to either voice your opinion, thoughts or perceptions of KSA as well as ASK YOUR QUESTION! I can assure you that I have many Saudis who do read my blog each day as well as others who may not be Saudi but have significant experience of living in the Kingdom. This is your opportunity to ask that question you’ve always wondered about but didn’t know where to ask it or who to ask.


I learned that when I posted my “travel blog” series of posts on Maida’n Salah, while all the feedback was very good at the same time, my traffic to my blog decreased by 20 per cent. I am attributing this to the fact that while the posts may have been enjoyed, they were not the kind of posts that stimulated dialogue and discussion and return visitors.


So again, here is your opportunity to ASK and have your say as well as provide me with additional fodder to chew upon and ultimately write additional posts based on demand and interest!


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