Thirsty? Try some Saudi Champagne!

Drinking is strictly prohibited and against the law in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  However in my humble opinion I think the Saudis have cornered the market on the vast variety of delicious non-alcoholic drinks.  One of my favorites is Saudi Champagne.  I enjoyed it so much that the last time we were out and had it at a restaurant I carefully and slowly drank my drink so I could reconstruct it later at home!


Here is my recipe which I hope you’ll enjoy:


1 part Pierre water to 2 parts Sparkling Apple Juice.

6 – 8 sprigs of fresh mint

8 – 10 apple slices sliced very thin but with the skin still on; no need to peel.

3-4 lemon slices also sliced thin

  Mix it all together in a lovely crystal pitcher and serve immediately.  The good news is that it will also taste delicious if there is any left over that is served the next day!

Spur of the Moment – Getaway Saudi Arabia

I’m sure everyone reading can relate to a spur of the moment decision and activity?  Well, this past weekend that is exactly what my husband and I made.  We spontaneously decided to take a quick getaway outside of Riyadh.  As a result, you may have noticed an absence from my daily posts.  The good news is that the break away gave me plenty of new fodder to share which will be coming soon on what we saw and what we did and new experiences and observations about the Kingdom.  Thanks for reading while I was gone (yes….I love those tell all blog stats!).

I also appreciate all the comments


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