Stylist for the Saudis

As I am presently in the States with Saudi family my eyes are being opened on what is new and different for Saudis and therefore what could also present unique market opportunities for an enterprising woman. For example, due to the segregation in Saudi Arabia and the desire of many Saudi woman to not have an unrelated man view them without at a minimum wearing their hijab (head cover which covers the hair), hair salons in the States can present a challenge. This is the first time for many Saudis to see and learn that hair salons are coed. Not only do men and women both go to the same place and may sit side by side in chairs getting a hair cut or other service, but a man could be the stylist just as easily as a woman. This has resulted in many Saudi women asking me where they can go where a salon is truly only women only with no male customers or stylists. And for those in the States I am sure you can imagine that nowadays those kind of places are fewer and far between. Therefore it occurred to me that for the enterprising woman with a background in cosmetology and hair styling, this could present a lucrative market opportunity. Such a woman could market herself to the Saudi/Arab/Muslim communities by coming to the home for preferred private services. I’ve no doubt that many Saudi and Arab muslim women would be happy to enlist such services.


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