King Abdullah and European Tour

I have been following the news reports of the King’s European tour.  Saudi television (and other channels) have provided good coverage of his visits in London, Geneva and now Rome.  King Abdullah continues to make global history, especially today when a Saudi King and Pope have met for the first time in the Vatican.  There is no doubt in my mind that King Abdullah is one of the most progressive King’s to rule Saudi Arabia and that history will continue to be written during his reign.


I think it is also prudent to mention and applaud his aggressive schedule which he keeps as well.  After all, he is 83 years old and yet he not only looks much younger but maintains a schedule that those much younger than him may have difficulty following.  Even when he is in the Kingdom he maintains an active and busy schedule.  The only time I recall really noticing fatigue on his face was last year during the Arab Summit and it eventually came out in the news that he did have a terrible cold during that period.


This also makes me wonder…are there any current world leaders who are his age or older?  The ones who come to mind are Castro, Qadafi but I believe they are in fact younger than King Abdullah.  And I cannot think of any world leader in the King’s age range who maintains such a vigorous schedule.

  Al Arabiyah television has started a special documentary series about the King.  It was supposed to have been launched commencing with the Saudi national day but it wasn’t ready so it was launched a week ago.  At least here in the Kingdom, it airs on Thursday nights at 10pm.  It is in Arabic but it is well worth watching.  It really highlights and illustrates the actions and decisions taken by the King; the impact these actions have had and are having; as well as views and comments expressed by key world leaders and other prominent Saudis about King Abdullah.  I’d love to see this documentary given English sub-titles and aired on the History channel.


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